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rtworks and comics of the misadventures of FE:Awakening. Other fandoms are..." /><"http://tactician-kilala.tumblr.com/page/5" />
Kilala's Logbook
Can't imagine dancing without you



“Joy to the world!
Milord has come!
Ylisse receive your Prince; 
Let every foe
Prepare him yield,
And every pebble begone,
And every pebble begone,
And every, last pebble begone from here!

Joy to the realm!
Lord Chrom, he reigns!
Let all revere his name;
While Gangrel and Walhart,
Aversa and Validar,
All flee with frightened screams,
All free with frightened screams,
All flee, all flee with frightened screams!

No more let him
eat unpeeled fruit,
No skins get stuck
In his teeth;
He comes to take
A mid-morning break
For at least a half an hour
For at least a half an hour
For at least, at least a half an hour!

The Shepherds he leads
with his blind trust,
In spite of my caution!
He’ll find you on the floor
And have you fight a war,
And possibly make you queen
And possibly make you queen
And possibly make you his loving queen!”

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Santa also brought me an early gift last week in the form of this little stubborn fiery furball who all she does is bite, scratch and want to chase me around the apartment. She practically owns the place now.

She earned the name Rinkah.

Santa pimped out my Switch console this year >:D


[Monstrosity playing in the distance]

Dedicated to grizzlyhills, who is 99% responsible for this terrible thing

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Do Sienna and Silas do anything for Christmas?

The usual, stay cuddled up to each other like lovebirds <3

trick or treat

It’s Christmas, Lunesol

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this year!

And remember to leave unpeeled oranges for the holiday Chrom or else he’ll go to your room and pummel you in coal.

Anonymous said:
How do you have this much luck to summon these good characters in Fire Emblem Heroes? I haven't attained any of the new 5 stars since the summer banner :(. How do you do it?

In truth is I don’t :’D I just try saving up at least 100 orbs and pray for good pulls. Tempest Trials, Gauntlets and skipping on certain summoning events. Seemed to have worked out for me in the end if I managed to get both Chrom and Robin for Xmas :’D

Anonymous said:
Is that a Jojo reference, Ki?

huh? not really? probably unintentional lol

Anonymous said:
I finally beat Lunatic+, but I lost Silas in the process :^(

I don’t forgive you.

So will Sama and Shigure be doing any lovely Christmas Carol duets for the Order of Heroes this holiday season~?


They tried to spread some cheer in town with the crew after Anna suggested it was a good idea for the Order to do (they dropped her idea of charging natuarally) but it was… an experience 


So much for nice carols :’) (I mis-r emembered that it was for the Order members themselves asdfkshd but they absolutely would c’:  )